lundi 16 mars 2009

Fractale 121

Fractale 120

Copyright DC 2009

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Khaled KEM a dit…

Bonsoir Pierre de Lune,

C'est le traffique magnifique de l'ame!

linda cardina a dit…

hi pierre de lune, thank u for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment. love your work! i'm curious as to what medium u use for your lovely creations? xo linda

Crescendo a dit…

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh c'est beau !

Pierre De Lune a dit…

Khaled :

Non seulement nous avons affaire à une âme haute en couleur mais de surcroit à une âme surchargée de travail !!! ;)

Linda :

Thank's for your compliments !
I am not certain to understand your Linda question well… my English is not with the height. ;)

Crescendo :

On dirait le cri du coeur !!!! ;)

linda cardina a dit…

hi pierre de lune, i'm so sorry u did not understand my english. how do u make your art. what do u use?

Pierre De Lune a dit…

Linda :

Yes… I understand. To carry out fractales, it's necessary to use software able to do it such as for example: Tierazon, Ultra Fractal, Chaoscope, Apophysis, Xaos etc .... Information exists on the subject about this software. You can also read the heading INTRO which explains process. Unfortunately French should be understood a little because that was not translated... ;)

SlogBite a dit…

This makes me want to see it animated, in motion. I see the complexity of the universe and the complexity if birth within.

Pierre De Lune a dit…

Mel :

An endless spiral of all elements of our universe ... the galaxy, planets, earth, life ... eternal renewal ...;)

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