mercredi 18 mars 2009

Fractale 123

Fractale 122

Le parfum d'Aladin
(Title inspred by Khaled, Crescendo, Sérénity, Mel , JB )
© DC 2009

9 commentaires:

Khaled KEM a dit…

Pierre de Lune,

Le roi des fractales.

Crescendo a dit…

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh superbe Pierre de Lune. A lire dans tous les sens.

Anonyme a dit…

A ajouter à la collection des flacons de parfum?
C'est vrai qu'il en serait le roi.

Pierre De Lune a dit…

Khaled :

Si tu le dis alors que cette image soit sacrée !!!;)

Crescendo :

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh .... Je suis retournée pour l'avoir lue dans tous les sens !!!! ;)

Sérénity :

Oui pourquoi pas Sérénity ... Nous allons l'ajouter à la collection puisque sa place est toute trouvée ! ;)

SlogBite a dit…

I see an all powerful being sitting atop of limitless power, but not god.

Pierre De Lune a dit…

Mel :

Why no Mel…. in this case we could imagine that this power is Aladin, returning in his lamp… Some vapors above the lamp reminds us of its presence.;)

jb a dit…

Wow...I just happened to have found your blog from Arno's page and I am truly is all I can say. I'm hooked on your art. Thank-you for the great beauty.


SlogBite a dit…

I can see that now. I like being able to see what I see and then finding out what you see.

Pierre De Lune a dit…

JB :

Welcome JB!
I'm very touched by your enthusiasm, your feelings and your compliments.
I'm happy of knowing that these images give pleasure to look at! ;)

Mel :

Like you Mel, I appreciate this exchange enormously. Each person evokes her feeling. Each person sees what it has desire for seeing. Each person has her own universe. It's very interesting…. I discover with you things that I did not see. Sometimes it's the opposite.
We are not any more in the presence of one only universe but several universes. We work out multiple dimensions together.

Thus all your inspirations help me to give a title to the image. In final, all my visitors take part in this work! ;)